…Welcome to my site!

What are you now? Something different than you were a minute ago, or a second, or the moment you perceived these words on the page. It’s that dialogue of so many things that emerges as the ongoing story that you infer as ‘you’.  Maybe there is or are a substrate or substrata, neural but that extend beyond, of a you or yous, overlapping but always a little arbitrary. The particular way of that you has a flavor, a style (borrowing from O. Sacks) that remains indefinitely and constantly, in everything you do.

Cooking, modeling the world, expressing yourself in any way, your language, music, interactions, sense of humor, the things you’ve seen during the day, even the way you dream. Here…. are some meandering posts all having of a kind of unifying flavor. Recipes and food, essay, poetry, prose, mostly in English though some in Italian. Anyone tempted to mix in their different flavor by commenting or posting, disliking or liking, is greatly appreciated.